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MEMBERS - We care for each one of our members.  We build lasting relationships by understanding and anticipating our members’ needs and by servicing them better each time.  Care Entrée members can count on us to consistently deliver superior products and services that help them achieve savings on healthcare.

Care Entrée has been successful in contracting with some of the largest, most reputable U.S. medical networks in order to offer our members access to thousands of participating providers at reduced rates.  At the same time, we have procedures in place that ensure providers receive prompt payment for services rendered.

Care Entrée strengthens the doctor/patient relationship by giving the authority for proper patient care back to the physician.

PARTNERS - We value the services our partners provide to our customers and work diligently with them to achieve customer satisfaction.  Recognizing that exceptional product and quality service begins with quality people, we have associated ourselves with partners of the highest level of professionalism.


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